Everyone is talking about the Etz Chaim recipe book – don’t miss out!!

With loads of new ideas and over 150 recipes, from members of the community as well as chefs and food professionals,the recipe book has everything you need to for a tasty Pesach, including a large selection of chicken and meat dishes, as well as salads, kugels and side dishes, and cakes so good you will want to make them all year round.

Color photographs for some dishes are included.
The cook book is in Hebrew and English, and makes a great gift.

Please contact us below to order. Can be mailed worldwide for additional charge .

1 Cookbook – 60 NIS, 2 for 100 NIS

All proceeds   support Etz Chaim Shul – Kehilat Hagiva

*Money due at time of pickup. Cash or cheque only. Cheques to be made out to Kehillat HaGivah קהילת הגבעה




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