The Women’s Committee in Etz Chaim is a very active one, organizing special events for women, Chesed Programs, Postpartum Support, Bereavement Support and meals during Shiva and more.

Weekly Shabbat Shiur

There is a weekly Shabbat shiur for women only that takes place after morning services in shul. It is presented in both English and Hebrew in order to include all women of the community.

Here are some of recent events:

Mitpachot Evening

Learn to tie your headscarf (mitpachat)
Chalah Evening

Recipes, spiritual significance of challah ingredients and different braiding techniques.
British Night
Ethiopian Culture Night
Italian Night
Asian Cusine

Learn about different cultures, countries and communities. We are blessed to have representatives of many countries as members of our community! Fun games, trvia and of course, recipes and food.
Seudat Amen and Seudat Tu Bishvat
Healthy Cooking Workshop (Demo and Tasting)
Family Purity nite

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